Nov 2, 2013


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sunray and atomic power plant

Galeries Lafayette Haussmann

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Europe - France - Paris : Galeries Lafayette Haussmann


Roan, originally uploaded by Michael Bollino.

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Sometimes placing a little faith in your gut is a great thing. When I first arrived at the trailhead to hike along North Carolina's Roan Mountain the entire ridgeline was wrapped in dense fog. Bummed, I drove lower down into the forests to see if I could find something worth shooting. After awhile I pointed the car home and began driving, thinking the day was a bust. But something told me to just go back up one more time. I ignored it for awhile before finally caving, banging a U-turn and heading back to the trailhead. By the time I arrived the fog was quickly breaking up. A fast hike brought me to this ancient outcrop of rock just in time to catch one of the best sunsets of the summer.

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