Apr 29, 2011


Canada Goose, Maryland, Jan. 27Seagull ChallengeResting DuckCanada Goose on One LegHeron on pier in Columbia, MarylandHeron Fishing
Heron Happy with SnakeHeron Catches SnakeDad Gets DinnerGreat Blue Heron, New Year's Day, Virginia Eastern ShoreGreat Blue Heron in Flight, New Year's Day, Virginia Eastern ShoreWhat the Duck
What the Duck 2You Said There Weren't Any Trees...Should Have Checked Google EarthWhat the Duck 3Chuckling DucklingGoose Explaining The Rules To A DuckDuck Brakes for Heron
Take OffHappy DuckBelted Kingfisher In the TreePreening for the Mrs.Duck or Angel...DuckCanvasback Duck

Birds, a set by ozoni11 on Flickr.