Dec 19, 2008

Frida Icons

Dedicated to all Frida lovers out there. Happy Holidays!
Kahlo, who died in 1954, was a crippled, bisexual Communist who painted visceral images of miscarriage and menstruation and was overshadowed by her more famous husband, Diego Rivera. Yet in the last 20 years, she's joined the ra refied ranks of artists like Picasso, whose work is as ubiquitous as wallpaper. More than just a poster girl for artsy adolescents or a Latina role model, Kahlo is now a coffee mug, a key chain, and a postage stamp.


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08 Frida Shrine ATC open

Hommage à Frida Kahlo
12 09 2008 Good Mom Frida 1


La Columna Rota

Frida Shrine ATC 2
Frida with sunflowers 2008
08 Sequined Frida

Frida with poppies 2008

Collar frida, en Turquesas

cerveza on the altar

Frida Kahlo ATCs

Viva la Vida Frida

Museo Frida Kahlo Shrine

frida dos caras


Gothic Frida-TAken

!Feliz Navidad!
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